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How To Enter An Event

Ah, the old fashioned way to enter a dog show! Fill out the entry form included with the premium list or printed from the website, enclose your check made payable to the host club and mail it to:

PO BOX 510491
Saint Louis MO 63151-0491

Don't forget to PRINT the information on the entry form and SIGN it!
(And if you print the entry form from the website, please be sure to include both "sides" of the form.)

More popular than you might imagine, the steps are the same. Only the address is different (maybe!)
2747 Ashrock Drive
Saint Louis MO 63129-2543

In either case, YOU MUST WAIVE THE SIGNATURE REQUIREMENT! If a signature is required on your envelope, Specialty Show Services will not be responsible for ensuring that your entries are received before the closing time. (Did I mention the thing about the PRINTING and SIGNING of the entry form?)

There are several Dog Show Entry Services available to process credit card entries for last minute entrants.

Be aware that entry fees are still required as of the closing date and time for the show you wish to enter. It may be that the entry service you choose will charge you additional fees to overnight the payment for your entries. If you wait until the day of closing, email me to find out which entry service, if any, has already guaranteed payment for your show of choice.

Please note: Specialty Show Services does not endorse any of the above services. They are listed here for exhibitor convenience only. This list may not be all-inclusive.

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